Temporary Assistance

Temporary Impairments
The Access and Accommodations Center (AACE) recognizes that individuals with temporary impairments due to injuries, surgery or short-term medical conditions (e.g. broken limbs, hand injuries, mobility limitations during recovery from surgery) may benefit from temporary campus assistance, support services and resources.

Request Temporary Assistance
To request temporary assistance from AACE, students must submit a Registration Form together with supporting medical documentation (written by a qualified medical professional on official letterhead and indicating the medical condition, expected duration of the limitation, and any recommendations for types of assistance needed). Prescriptions will not suffice for this purpose.
The Temporary Assistance form and supporting documentation may be faxed, emailed or submitted in person. Please see the Contact Us page for contact information.

Duration of Temporary Assistance
Temporary assistance will set to expire based on the expected duration of the limitation documented by the qualified medical professional. AACE may request additional documentation to verify the need for continued services after the estimated duration of the condition has expired.

Temporary Assistance Appointments
AACE will schedule an orientation appointment with students who request Temporary Assistance once all required documentation has been received. Students are generally contacted to schedule orientation appointments within five business days of submitting all required documentation. The meeting will include a discussion of students’ temporary assistance needs and available support services and resources.

Possible Assistance for Temporary Impairments
Example of temporary assistance that may be available:

  • Information on accessible routes and elevator access on campus
  • Information on how to apply for a county-issued disabled parking placard or MARTA Mobility
  • Potential classroom and testing assistance
  • A scribe for exams
  • Note taking assistance
  • Audio recorder for lectures
  • Extended testing time
  • Computer for essay exams

Examples of assistance not available from Georgia State University:

  • Personal assistance such as on-campus transportation of person or belongings
  • Personal devices such as wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices


  • Parking and Transportation
  • Georgia State University does not issue disabled parking placards. Students who are interested in obtaining a disabled parking permit must apply for one through the state. If the student is unable to use the campus transit (bus) system, they may be eligible for MARTA Mobility.

  • University Housing (on-campus student housing)
  • University Housing residents who have housing needs due to a temporary impairment should complete the Temporary Assistance Form and submit appropriate documentation. Requests to modify room assignments are subject to space availability.

Implementation of Temporary Assistance in the classroom
Students approved to receive temporary assistance will receive an official letter from AACE to distribute to instructors as they choose. The letter will indicate the approved assistance along with a clearly identifiable expiration date. Instructors should provide the temporary assistance outlined on the letter through the posted date. Students who ask for assistance beyond the date stamped on the letter should be instructed to return to AACE.