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Online classes = changing need for accommodations? If yes, email or call your preferred campus to schedule a phone or other virtual appointment to discuss.

Online Testing Accommodations

**At this time, no Testing Request Forms are needed for online testing, as no proctoring is occurring on campuses, which are currently closed to students.

During this time, physical office spaces are closed to students and AACE members are working remotely, but available to assist. Most students needing accommodated testing require varying amounts of extended time and/or a distraction reduced environment (away from classmates).

  • Please communicate testing accommodation needs to your instructors. If you do not have an accommodation letter (or have not asked us to send one to your instructors), please contact AACE for assistance.
  • Instructors are able to set a different time limit online for students, as applicable.
  • Students will need to provide their own distraction reduced environment.
  • Students who require other testing accommodations (e.g., resources for text-to-speech, speech-to-text, etc.), please contact AACE for assistance. AACE personnel remain virtually available to assist students with accommodation concerns.
  • Contact AACE with specific concerns.

AACE Online Learning Support: AACE is able to assist in navigating online accommodations and we are happy to conduct virtual appointments. Contact your preferred campus via phone or email here to schedule a virtual meeting at your convenience. These meetings may include discussions about current accommodations, how to implement accommodations, requests for new accommodations, etc.


  • Click Online Learning for resources for learning remotely, including a Quickstart Guide for students.
  • Click How to Register to self-identify as having a disability and needing accommodations.



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