Student Resources

Each semester, all students registered with AACE that want to request accommodations need to complete two important tasks: first, send their Faculty Notification Letter (or accommodation letter) to their instructors and second, schedule their exams with AACE (if applicable). These two important tasks should be completed using our new Accessible Information Management (AIM) system. Instructions for sending Faculty Notification Letters (or accommodation letters) to your instructors and schedule exams on AIM are provided below.

How to send your accommodation letter/Faculty Notification Letter to your instructors each semester

  1. Log into AIM using your GSU campus ID and password
  2. After you log in, you should see the list of classes you are taking in the current semester. Select the classes for which you will need accommodations. You can select all of your classes, or just some of your classes, based on your need for the semester. If your classes are not listed, please contact AACE
  3. Once you have selected your classes, you can then select and customize your accommodations based on each class. (NOTE: All of your Testing Accommodations will be grouped together under “Alternative Testing.” You will choose which specific accommodations to use once you schedule your tests)
  4. After you have selected your accommodations, click submit at the bottom and your letter will be automatically sent to your instructors. If you require a paper copy of your Faculty Notification Letter, please let your coordinator know. You should still meet with your instructor to review your accommodations and set up any guidelines needed for specific accommodations. Click here for a video tutorial on how to send your accommodation letter to your instructors.
  5. Click here for instructions on how to confirm your Faculty Notification Letter was successfully sent to your instructors.

How to Schedule your exams on AIM

  1. Log in to AIM to request your tests. Click on “Alternative Testing” on the left and enter the information about test dates and time.
  2. Click here for a video tutorial on how to schedule you exams on AIM.
  3. We strongly recommend that you enter ALL your tests (including your final) all at once at the beginning of the semester. Tests MUST be scheduled more than ONE WEEK in advance of the exam. Your instructor will complete their portion online.
  4. Schedule exams using the course syllabus.
  5. Exams should be taken at the same time as classes unless a schedule conflict exists. In that case, students should propose a new time to their instructors before the Alternative Testing Agreement is completed by them

Note: Instructors are not required to have their exams proctored at AACE, but they can request AACE to do it by completing an Alternative Testing Agreement on AIM. The Alternative Testing Agreement provides AACE instructions on how their tests need to be proctored. Instructors will also upload to AIM each exam that needs to be proctored by AACE. If students do not schedule their exams on AIM, instructors will not be able to upload their exams, and therefore they will not be able to test at AACE.

How to request to add or change accommodations

If you have new information on your current disability and would like our office to review and update your current accommodations click here. New documentation may need to be submitted.


  • If you are interested in taking notes for a student with disability on your class and receive compensation for it, click here to sig up as a note taker.
  • If you have signed up as a note taker and need instructions on how to upload notes to AIM for the student assigned to you click here.
  • If you are a student who receives note taking services as a accommodation and have already been assigned a note taker, click here for instructions on how to download your notes from AIM.