Note Taking

Note Taking & Lab Assistance Services

Note taking and lab assistance services may be considered a reasonable accommodation for students who may have difficulty taking notes or working independently in the lab due to a qualifying disability. Note takers receive compensation at an hourly rate of $8. Lab assistants receive compensation at an hourly rate of $8 and are paid for each hour spent in lab assisting the student with a disability.

Students with disabilities may receive note taking services for a variety of reasons. Some reasons may include, but are not limited to, difficulties with listening, learning and writing simultaneously, limited use of arms and hands or unavoidable absences due to chronic illness. Lab assistants, on the other hand, may help students handle chemical solutions, take measurements or operate lab equipment, because the students’ disability limits them in doing so on their own.

How to Request and Receive Note Taking Services
Students who want request note taking services in their classes should follow the steps below.

  1. Students who are newly registered with The Access and Accommodations Center (AACE) should discuss their request for note taking services with their service provider during the orientation appointment to determine eligibility.
  2. Students who have been approved to receive note taking services should notify AACE of the classes for which they will use this accommodation by filling out the Note Taker Request Form.
  3. Students need to decide if they will identify their own note taker or receive assistance from their instructor. Students also need to decide if they will disclose that they are registered with AACE or will remain anonymous.
  4. Students should secure a note taker in one of two ways:
    • Identify their own note taker from their class(es) and ask if she or he is willing to provide notes. The student and the note taker will decide on the delivery method. The student can provide the note taker with NCR notepads, which contain carbonless paper that creates duplicates of each page of notes. These notepads can be obtained from AACE at no cost.
    • Remain anonymous and receive assistance from their instructor in finding a note taker. The instructor may make an announcement in class or send out an email to the class list to solicit a note taker. Once a volunteer has come forward, the instructor will facilitate a meeting between the student and the note taker (unless the student prefers to remain anonymous). Students who prefer to remain anonymous should decide if they want to review a sample of notes of potential note takers or not. Students who want to see sample notes before a note taker is selected should discuss with their instructor a simple and timely method to review sample notes.

Students who have difficulties obtaining a note taker should contact AACE.

Students who are requesting lab assistance should contact their service provider for help.

What Note Takers Need to Do
Students who have decided to serve as a note taker in one of their classes should follow the steps below.

  1. Students should obtain and complete the Note Taker Information Packet and turn it in to AACE office.
  2. Students who are a first time Georgia State student assistant must complete the Student Assistant Hiring Packet and submit it to Human Resources.
  3. Students should turn in the orange slip that they receive from Human Resources to AACE within two business days. Students receive this slip when they submit your completed hiring packet to Human Resources.
  4. It is recommended that newly hired note takers complete the National Deaf Center (NDC) Note Taker Training online. Any note taker who submits a NDC Note Taker Verification of Completion within 30 days of their hire date will receive a $25 stipend at the end of the semester. The training takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  5. Note takers must submit completed note taker logs to the appropriate AACE office, in person or via email, by the designated deadline every month. The log indicates dates the notes were received by the registered student for the assigned class or lab. These logs have to be signed by the registered student or the instructor in cases where the registered student has chosen to remain anonymous.

How Note Takers and Lab Assistants are Compensated
Note takers are compensated at a rate of $8.00 per hour on a monthly basis. Lab assistants are also paid once every month, and receive compensation at a rate of $8.00 an hour for every hour that they assist in the lab. For logs turned in at the end of a particular month, the payment is made the following month.

Note: Current graduate assistants and student assistants are eligible to provide note taking services upon approval. Students who are currently working as a work study student are ineligible to be hired as a note taker.