Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Anxiety that inhibits academic performance.
  • Lack of motivation to complete school tasks.
  • Difficulty maintaining attention in class or while completing school work.
  • Difficulty retaining information and/or recalling information during testing.
  • Difficulty structuring study time and preparing for tests.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by details or difficulty picking out main ideas and concepts.
  • Difficulty managing study time or completing school assignments.
  • Difficulty performing well on tests even when you know the material.

Students who answered yes to any of these questions may find academic coaching helpful.

What Is Academic Coaching?
Academic coaching is a:

  • Focused meeting between the coach and student concerning a particular skill.
  • Practical way to help students learn specific life skills that are critical to performance in the classroom. These skills are also useful in the workplace after graduation.
  • Way to help students utilize their own natural skills as well as a way to develop new ones. This ultimately will enable students to reach their full academic potential.
  • Way for students to practice accountability and receive supportive encouragement.

How Can Coaching Help?
Academic coaching can assist students by:

  • Teaching techniques to reduce debilitating academic anxiety.
  • Identifying personal interests, strengths, skills and learning styles.
  • Discussing techniques to maintain concentration in the classroom and while completing school work.
  • Teaching techniques to improve memory.
  • Teaching time management skills.
  • Teaching new study techniques.
  • Teaching accountability.
  • Identifying useful resources.
  • Developing test taking skills.
  • Teaching how to chart progress and maintain new behaviors.

Common Coaching Areas
Below is a list of some common areas for which students seek coaching:

  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Identifying learning style
  • Developing note taking strategies
  • Learning effective study skills
  • Self-advocacy

Students who would like help with an area not listed can still contact the Access and Accommodations Center to determine if they can provide assistance. For more information, stop by the Access and Accommodations Center in Student Center East, Suite 205, to make an appointment for coaching or call 404-413-1560.