ONLINE Classes

The in-person portion of classes is essential to instruction. Students who need accommodations due to a disability should follow the steps at How to Register .
Online tests will be taken where you have internet access. Extended time testing accommodations will be applied. In-person exams may be taken at AACE if scheduled at least a week in advance. The electronic testing request form is located here.
Yes and no. For example, most testing accommodations apply. Recording lectures may not be necessary as many online classes are recorded. If there is an accommodation you need and you’re not sure how it will work out, contact AACE by phone or email to schedule a consultation with one of the Access Coordinators.

      1. Review your accommodation letter – will the listed accommodations meet your need for the online environment?
      2. Also, review revised information from your instructors to determine if you have additional needs.
      3. Regarding testing accommodations, please see AACE Student Resources for additional information.
      4. To revise or update accommodations, contact AACE by phone or email to schedule a consult with one of the Access Coordinators.
      5. To request accommodations for the first time, start with the Registration Form.

We want to help you! Start by completing and submitting the Registration Form . Once received, we will arrange a virtual appointment to discuss options with you. We may provide resources for obtaining a formal evaluation, and under some circumstances, we may be able to authorize provisional accommodations while we await documentation; particularly when it may be difficult to acquire documents from your provider in a timely manner.
Georgia State has a program in place for students who need it. Visit the site:, click on the “Request Equipment Checkout” tab and fill out the form expressing a need. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will help, as long as options are available.
Search Panther Answer for the answer 24/7. Support professionals will continually update and expand the knowledge base to ensure you have access to the latest information.
Contact AACE by phone or email to schedule a consultation with one of the Access Coordinators.