On-campus testing

 Testing at AACE – students

    AACE has designated testing space available for students who are unable to take their tests in the regular testing environment due to a physical, learning or psychological disability and are approved for testing accommodations. Testing accommodations may include extra time on tests, testing in a distraction reduced environment, use of assistive technology on tests, etc.

    How to schedule an exam with AACE
    In order to schedule quizzes, tests or exams at AACE, follow the steps below.

      1. Log in to AIM to request your tests. Click on “Alternative Testing” on the left and enter the information about test dates and time.
      2. For a video tutorial on how to schedule your tests on AIM, select this link.
      3. We strongly recommend that you enter ALL your tests (including your final) all at once at the beginning of the semester. Tests MUST be scheduled more than ONE WEEK in advance of the exam. Your instructor will complete their portion online.

    AACE is responsible for providing reasonable testing accommodations in a timely manner. Noncompliance on the part of the student with the procedures stated above may result in delays in or denial of the provision of such accommodations.

    Taking an exam at AACE
    The following policies must be adhered to while taking tests at AACE:

        • Students who arrive more than 30 minutes late for a scheduled exam are considered a no-show. Students will be advised to go to their classroom to take the exam or speak to the instructor about rescheduling the exam in accordance with all the Testing Accommodations Guidelines and Testing Policies.
        • Unauthorized materials are not allowed inside the testing room. Unauthorized materials include jackets, hats, book bags, cell phones or any unauthorized electronic equipment. A secured locker will be provided within the Access and Accommodations Center outside the testing room area for students to leave their possessions. The Access and Accommodations Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
        • Students will only be allowed to use the computer during their exams if they have computerized accommodations or it is pre-approved by the instructor.
        • Advise the testing coordinator or test proctor of any personal or medical needs that may arise during testing prior to the beginning of the exam. Students who encounter any difficulty or other concern during their exam should inform a proctor in the testing area immediately.
        • If an instructor indicates on the Alternative Testing Agreement that breaks are allowed or this is one of the approved accommodations, students must give their exam to the testing proctor until they return from their break. Students may not leave the building during an exam. All books, backpacks, phones, coats etc. must remain in the locker while taking a break.
        • Adhere to the Policy on Academic Honesty as stated by the Student Handbook. Please be advised that the testing facilities at the Access and Accommodations Center are monitored by cameras with recording capabilities.

    Alternate testing locations
    For testing accommodations to be implemented, the test does not have to be taken at AACE. The following are alternate testing locations which may be used:

      • Instructor or teaching assistant may proctor the exam within the department.
      • Exam may be scheduled at the Counseling and Testing Center if scheduled by the instructor.

Testing at AACE – Faculty

If an exam is proctored at AACE, an Alternative Testing Agreement form must be completed by the instructor. The Alternative Testing Agreement provides instructions on how the test should be proctored by AACE. A link to the Alternative Testing Agreement is on the Faculty Notification Letter instructors receive from students that receive Alternative Testing as an accommodation. It can be completed by selecting the link and following the prompts or by login in to AIM directly. Click here for instructions on how to complete the Alternative Testing Agreement.

Exams that are proctored at AACE must be scheduled by students through AIM. After the exam schedule is entered on AIM by the student, instructors will be able to log in to their AIM faculty portal and upload the exam that will be proctored by AACE. Click here for instructions on how to upload exams on AIM.