Interpreting Services

Sign language interpreters are provided by the university to provide accommodations to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. They are professionally trained and adhere to a code of ethical and professional standards to interpret all information faithfully. The interpreters on campus may be either university employees or contractors.
Interpreters interpret all spoken and signed information, including lecture and discussion in class, as well as conversations between students and classmates or their instructors to ensure equal access to the environment and information.

Interpreters are not:

  • Active participants in classroom activities
  • Tutors, counselors, or student aides
  • Exam proctors

To receive sign language interpretation in their classes, students must:

  • Schedule an initial meeting with the Access Coordinator for Interpreting Services
  • Provide the Access Coordinator for Interpreting Services with a detailed copy of their class schedule as soon as they register each semester (the schedule must include the course number and title, instructor’s name, days the class meets, beginning and ending time, building and room number)
  • Abide by the Interpreting Services Policies

Prospective students and others not currently enrolled in classes requesting interpretation for GSU events or activities should fill out the request for Accommodations for Events and Activities. Currently enrolled students should also use this form for requests outside of their regular courses.

Faculty and staff requiring interpretation in the course of their GSU employment should contact the ADA Coordinator for employees at

For more information about interpreting services, email The Access and Accommodations Center or call the Access Coordinator for Interpreting Services at 404-413-1560.