Housing Accommodations

The Access and Accommodations Center (AACE) collaborates with Georgia State University Housing to meet the on campus housing needs of students with disabilities.

Rights and Responsibilities

  • Students requesting housing accommodations must adhere to all University Housing policies, procedures and deadlines. To receive full consideration for on-campus housing accommodations, students must submit all required applications and requests within the time limits established by University Housing and AACE.
  • In the event that a student’s documentation supports an accommodation, the student will attend an accommodations appointment. During the appointment, the student will receive a Housing Accommodation Letter to submit to University Housing. To implement the approved housing accommodation, students must have the approved housing official sign the Housing Accommodation Letter. Students should promptly return their signed Housing Accommodation Letter to AACE.

The Access and Accommodations Center

  • Once all the required forms are submitted and reviewed, AACE will contact the student about his or her housing accommodation request no later than 15 business days of receipt of the request.
  • AACE will identify approved accommodations for housing by issuing a Housing Accommodation Letter during a scheduled appointment with the student. AACE’ approval for housing accommodations does not override the policies of any particular agency, office or department. If a student has other housing needs not related to a disability, he or she should contact University Housing by email or by phone at 404-413-1800.

University Housing

  • University Housing will implement the accommodation which is subject to room availability per a student’s room assignment or waitlist number. Moreover, if the approved accommodation is a private room, University Housing will implement the accommodation based on the availability of unassigned rooms.

How to Apply for a Housing Accommodation

Students requesting housing accommodations should complete and return relevant section of the welcome form and include relevant documentation. The documentation must clearly demonstrate the need for housing accommodation.