AACE Online Learning Support: AACE is able to assist in navigating online accommodations and we are happy to conduct virtual appointments. Contact your preferred campus via phone or email here to schedule a virtual meeting at your convenience. These meetings may include discussions about current accommodations, how to implement accommodations, requests for new accommodations, etc.


  • Click Online Learning for resources for learning remotely, including a Quickstart Guide for students.
  • Click How to Register to self-identify as having a disability and needing accommodations.
  • Click Student Resources for additional information for students.



The Access and Accommodations Center (AACE) is designated to determine reasonable disability-related accommodations. A student’s access to approved accommodations is a right under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (2008) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Accommodations provide students with an equal opportunity to access the academic environment. Please contact AACE if you need assistance in implementing accommodations. An instructor may not deny an approved accommodation. However, if instructors believe an accommodation may result in a fundamental alteration of course/program requirements, they have the right to engage in an evaluative process with AACE to verify the alteration and determine any potential alternatives.


Advocacy Starts with You: Interacting with Students with Disabilities