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The Access and Accommodations Center (AACE) is designated to determine reasonable disability-related accommodations. A student’s access to approved accommodations is a right under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (2008) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Accommodations provide students with an equal opportunity to access the academic environment. Please contact AACE if you need assistance in implementing accommodations. An instructor may not deny an approved accommodation. However, if instructors believe an accommodation may result in a fundamental alteration of course/program requirements, they have the right to engage in an evaluative process with AACE to verify the alteration and determine any potential alternatives.

Faculty Notification Letters

Each semester, students registered with AACE request academic accommodations by sending their instructors a Faculty Notification Letter (or accommodation letter). This letter is sent by students using our Accessible Information Management (AIM) system. It contains a list of the student’s accommodations and a brief description on how each accommodation should be implemented. If the student is receiving “Alternative Testing” as an accommodation, the letter will also have a link to an Alternative Testing Agreement form that must be completed by the instructor. Instructors can use this agreement to let AACE know whether their exams will be proctored by AACE or by themselves. If instructors choose AACE to proctor their exams, this Alternative Testing Agreement provides AACE instructions for proctoring their exams as well as the date and time when each exam will be proctored. The dates and times provided on the Alternative Testing Agreement form are considered tentative and must match the schedule on the course syllabus. Changes to any exam date and time can always be updated by revisiting the Alternative Testing Agreement form in the AIM faculty portal. Also, there may be instances when a student is not able to take an exam on the date and time specified on the course syllabus due to a time or schedule conflict. This typically happens when students have back to back classes, and because of their extended time, they are not able to arrive on time to their next class. In that case the student and the instructor will need to meet and agree on a different date and time that allows the student to test at AACE and doesn’t interfere with the student’s ability to arrive to class on time . Once a new date and time is agreed upon, then the instructor submits the Alternative Testing Agreement and the student schedules the exam on AIM. The Alternative Testing Agreement can be completed by selecting the link on the Faculty Notification Letter or by logging in directly to the AIM faculty portal. Below are instructions on how to complete the Testing Agreement Form and how to edit an exiting one using the AIM faculty portal.

Instructors will need to upload to AIM all exams and quizzes that will be proctored by AACE. After students finish testing, each completed exam will be scanned and uploaded to the instructor’s AIM portal. The instructor will be able to download and print out the exam after inserting a code sent by AIM via email. Below are instructions for uploading exams and retrieving completed exams on AIM.

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