Classroom Relocation Procedure

Students with limited mobility at Georgia State University are provided with the opportunity to take advantage of priority registration. This gives students the opportunity to pre-plan their accessible routes to class as well as arrange for transportation services. It is strongly recommended that students utilize priority registration so that every effort can be made to ensure that the appropriate accommodations are provided. Students who do not take advantage of priority registration or rearrange their classes during drop/add time cannot be guaranteed that their classrooms will be accessible.

Procedure for Moving Class to an Accessible Location
Student Responsibilities:

  1. Students should register with the Access and Accommodations Center (AACE) and provide documentation to verify disability and validate need for moving a class to an accessible location.
  2. Students must register via Go Solar during the priority registration time period.
  3. Students should review their schedule and consult with AACE to determine which classes might need to be relocated.
  4. Students must provide a copy of their course schedule to the Administrative Assistant in AACE at least five weeks before the semester begins.
  5. Students must inform the Administrative Assistant of any classes that need to be relocated.
  6. Students must immediately inform AACE of any changes in their class schedule or problems with classroom accessibility.

The Access and Accommodations Center Responsibilities:

  1. The Administrative Coordinator will review student’s need for relocation of classroom request, along with documentation, to determine if it is an appropriate accommodation. All requests will be approved based on the following criteria:
    • Room availability in other buildings.
    • Consideration of other options by the student (i.e. different time, different class).
    • Classroom size/number of students registered for class.
    • Type of course (i.e. biology, computer science).
  2. Upon approval, the Administrative Coordinator will inform the respective departments to relocate the class to an accessible location.
  3. The Administrative Coordinator will notify student of new location for class or discuss alternative solutions with student.