Welcome Message from the Director

We hear you! In early Fall 2019, we surveyed students who were connected to the Office of Disability Services, as well as Student Government and other student groups who were not connected, along with multiple faculty/staff groups. We asked about a preferred reference to our office. Nearly 100% of faculty/staff and non-connected respondents chose anything other than “Disability,” but most importantly, almost 80% of connected students also preferred an alternative descriptor. Because of your feedback, we became the Access & Accommodations Center (AACE). We were not surprised because our mission is not to “serve disabilities,” but rather to provide access for AACE-connected Georgia State students experiencing a barrier to their academic/campus environment due to a condition which substantially limits a major life activity.

AACE welcomes you to Georgia State University. We believe all individuals, including those with disabilities, should be embraced as part of the wonderous diversity of humanity.

We are continuously adding resources to support the academic and career goals of students with disabilities. AACE promotes an inclusive Panther experience by encouraging students with disabilities to engage with the multitude of academic, career and social opportunities to learn, live, work and play on campus. For students who may be experiencing circumstances which substantially impact a major life activity, we encourage connecting with AACE to discuss potential accommodations which may mitigate those situations and level the field. Students may connect in-person, or by scheduling a phone or email meeting. Some of the helpful information available on this website include:

  • How to connect and request reasonable accommodations
  • Procedures to implement testing, lecture capture, sign language interpreting, and other accommodations geared toward equity of access
  • Upcoming events and opportunities;
  • Academic and career resources for students with disabilities; and
  • Resources to assist faculty and staff in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

AACE cares about your experience at Georgia State University and we are here to promote inclusivity and a sense of belonging for all. To connect with us, contact AACE at your nearest Georgia State campus.

Best Wishes!
Tina Vires, M.Ed.
Access & Accommodations Center (AACE)