Margaret A. Staton

Margaret A. Staton’s goal was to improve the availability of all-inclusive services for people with disabilities. Ms. Staton was a great advocate for all people with disabilities. She believed only through education may we lessen inequality among individuals with disabilities in Georgia and in America. Though Ms. Staton used a wheelchair since the age of two, she never let her physical handicap slow her pace. Her ideals of perseverance and self-determination were reflected in her life and in the belief that no one should have to live through the prejudicial discrimination and exclusion that she and her peers had to endure in the past.

Margaret A. Staton was dedicated to improving the lives of students with disabilities and helping them achieve all of their academic goals. She had committed decades of work with AACE and endowed a scholarship for women with disabilities. Today, AACE carries on Margaret Staton’s work. AACE recognizes Ms. Staton for her extraordinary work with the university and for her generous charitable giving over the years. During her years at Georgia State University as a student, this country was in the throes of a great battle over rights for racial, ethnic and gender minorities. Margaret Staton worked to ensure that the voices of people with disabilities were heard in that human rights movement, and that students with disabilities were given the same opportunities as students without disabilities at Georgia State University.