Note Taker and Lab Assistant Services

Posted On August 29, 2016
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Are you a student registered with Disability Services approved to receive note taking services and/or lab assistance in a class? Or, are you a student looking to make some money just for going to class?
The following information is relevant and useful for you!

Why Do Students Need Note Takers or Lab Assistants?
Note takers and lab assistants play an important role in helping Georgia State University students registered with Disability Services be academically successful. They provide services to registered students which are part of their approved reasonable accommodations. According to the U.S. Department of Education, reasonable accommodations are “…modifications or adjustments to the tasks, environment or to the way things are usually done that enable individuals with disabilities to have an equal opportunity to participate in an academic program or a job” (2007). In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990), Georgia State University students registered with Disability Services receive reasonable accommodations in order to get equal opportunity to learn and succeed academically.

Students eligible for receiving note taking services typically have disabilities that impact their ability to write, concentrate, identify the important information within the lecture and hear. A note taker who takes quality notes cannot only ensure that students with disabilities have access to the lecture material but can also be instrumental in increasing their ability to meet or exceed the course requirements

Similarly, students who serve as lab assistants offer the registered students who they are assisting an opportunity to participate in a full class experience. As an example, students who have previously worked as lab assistants have helped in chemistry and photography classes by pouring solutions and printing in a dark room.

How to Become a Note Taker or a Lab Assistant
Students seeking note takers or lab assistants may request their professor to facilitate them in their search for one or choose to make a request to classmates on their own. Students can indicate their interest in providing this service to the professor or student when such a request is made. Students seeking note takers or lab assistants will really appreciate you stepping forward to help.

Students who have agreed to be a note taker for a student registered with Disability Services will need to come to Disability Services to pick up a hiring packet. If they have not previously worked for the university, they will first have to go to Human Resources to complete the hiring procedures. Human Resources will give them an orange slip, which will need to be returned to Disability Services. Once this process is completed, the student is officially hired as a note taker.

Officially hired note takers give all notes to the professor who will email them to the registered student. Alternatively, the note taker and the student to whom he or she is providing notes can discuss the method of delivery of notes directly. Note takers must complete note taker logs to keep track of all class sessions for which they took notes. These logs must be turned into Disability Services monthly in person or by email. The registered student or the professor must sign the log in order for note takers to receive compensation. Note takers are compensated monthly for their services at the rate of $8.00 per set of class notes.

The hiring process for students who volunteer to serve as a lab assistant is the same as that for note takers. However, lab assistants only provide help to the student during the lab session and do not have to take or provide any notes to the student. Lab assistants must also maintain a log of the sessions for which they provided assistance and must provide the log with the signature of the student or professor monthly to Disability Services in person or by email in order to receive compensation. Lab assistants are compensated at a rate of $8.00 per lab session.